The Decision Which Sets Aside Rape Victors From Rape Victims.

As a child every profession was intriguing, I wanted to be everything. A scientist because I liked mixing things, dissecting, trying something new. I was pretty curious…curiosity killed the cat. I also wanted to be a Veterinary doctor, I loved animals, I was scared of nothing other than Cockroaches, I would love to see the lions at the zoo’s but be kept awake all night at the rattling of a Roach. After crossing through every single profession all except Medicine I picked the one I’m good at and love Accountancy.

One day at home, my mom was expecting a visitor he was a Doctor and also a swim instructor…I decided to welcome him wearing my sisters lab coat as a joke and it made him laugh. Mom was entertaining other visitors while my two sisters where watching TV, from that day onward my hatred for the doctoring profession started. The doctor said he would teach me how to find the pulse on the wrist and to know how many times my heart beats in a minute…I was curious… He placed his two fingers on my wrist, I watched then I tried it on him, I’m a fast learner. He said he’ll show me where the heart was and how to listen to it, we were all in the sitting room, my mom, my sisters, other visitors, the doctor and me. He told me the heart is on the left which he touched on my chest, he said the heart could also be underneath the breast which he touched, he put my hand underneath his man breast which he made touch.

He put his hand underneath my top, I still remember what I was wearing…a blue and white top with “surfing girl” written on it, on my loose school sports short, which was black and short to the knee with two long white lines on each side. He also told me that if I wanted to know when someone has pile…he dipped is hand into my trousers and touched my privates, he also made me touch his, I was so naive thinking that he was teaching me. He had been teaching my mom how to swim and she wanted him to teach us all, I went into the room looking at myself in the mirror, I was silent, I pulled up my top and touched my supposed heart. There and there I knew what had happened… I looked at my supposed “pile detector”… My sister walked in and asked what happened to me, she knew I was silent abnormally, I told her what happened, she said I should stay away from him till he leaves.

When he finally left I sat down in the living room, I took a can of Pepsi and I was drinking it, my mom noticed my silence… She asked if I was alright, there and then I made a life changing decision : tell her and never learn how to swim or don’t tell her and learn how to swim. That was the decision I thought I had to make but it was actually : tell her and save yourself from being abused because it wasn’t going to end there or don’t tell her and be abused. I’ve never hidden anything from my mom and I wasn’t going to start now, and so I told her. My mom called him and told him never to call her again, that and series of curses. She cried blaming herself for letting him in the house with her little children and also thanking God it hadn’t gotten far.

Every person who has been sexually abused or raped goes through that decision to speak up or keep shut. When you speak up you prevent yourself from being another victim instead a victor from the abuser or rapist. Even if it’s already late and you’ve already been abused you still have a choice whether or not you’ll keep being a victim or be a victor.
I thank God I spoke up that day, and I thank God I had a family who listened. Please let’s speak up and reach out to someone, everyone wasn’t lucky like I was, for many it was too late but it’s never truly late.

2 thoughts on “The Decision Which Sets Aside Rape Victors From Rape Victims.

    1. I’m sorry you felt like you couldn’t speak up. That’s the hardest part -the shame -we often cower in such situations. I read your story and sad as it was, it lead you to be the woman you are now, which is strong and emotionally independent. I’m happy you’re in a better place. I pray for every female out there that they find strength to speak up, I pray we have more victors and less victims.
      Stay blessed! ā¤

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