Milky way

Why do I want to be in love?

Why do I crave for the sleepless nights of love or even lust?

I want to fall in love again…

Fall in love with the person who’s a book you never want to stop reading

Fall in love with someone who intrigues you day in…day out!

Lover’s long for the moments their souls made planned in a whisper

When words aren’t spoken but the soul converses

“I know this might not work but I’m willing to regret you”

It whispers…as he interlaces his fingers with mine and smiles down at me

Every moment I spend with you makes me greedy for another

Passionately enamored with this shadow of a dream

With the brushing of our finger tips sending bolts of lightning through my body

Air is the travel of words…
But all you do is breathe
Speak to me

Tell me what you would do if given a chance…

Loose your senses

Let it flow
Let us flow…Such longing…

My reality and my fantasies entwined

As I struggle to loose through afraid I might lose you

So I leave it as it
Not knowing reality from fantasies enjoying every second…like it’s my last.


13 thoughts on “Milky way

  1. Well…thanks for calling me out. πŸ˜‚

    I don’t think or expect love to be happy-go-lucky, I know nothing is perfect. I’m well aware.

    “Milky Way” is just about fantasies and yes in fantasies, I expect my “HEA” (happily ever after).
    In reality though… fingers crossed!
    Hope has no fee.


  2. I appreciate your soulful expression. I do wonder if you’re single because… you’re a bit unrealistic? In other words, if you think being committed to someone you love means constantly intriguing each other and fulfilling fantasies… I’d adjust that to “sometimes.”
    Sometimes you’re just biting the bullet and putting up with another person’s imperfections. Which may be the hardest- and most important- part of loving someone.

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