A Cold Day In July

There’s peace in my heart
It comes from knowing that no matter what…
I’ll be true to myself
Sweeter than honey
Sharper than a knife
Faster than a bullet
My aim true to its course
“Happiness is a choice”
Quintessential of the moment
A choice indeed…
My happiness as always been attached to this goal -this prosperity
Unless, If Only, If I could
Clauses to my happiness
I’ve made peace with my demons long ago
I Am Happy
For years now I’ve been told “unless”
I’ve told myself “unless”
Ignorance is truly bliss
Sometimes I wish I was ignorant again
What I want doesn’t seem to want me
Or seem to be at my reach
I keep fighting: for years now, for YOU, for IT, for US ardently.
Maybe I will when there’s a cold day in July
And if it does get cold
I’ll be the first one out
Even if it freezes me to death.

16 thoughts on “A Cold Day In July

  1. I’m a huge believer in the choice of happiness. I love how you combined poetry into vs the classic business like approach I’m used to !

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