Why am I still single? : I’m old fashioned πŸ‘΅

Back in the days when a boy was in love with a girl he would write a letter professing his infinite love for her.

He would sit down on a chair, pen and paper in hand, thoughts in mind and pour out his love.

He would read it over and over again to ensure that it’s been written to perfection and nothing had been left out.

In the morning he’d go up to her and hand over the letter to her.

She would already know the contents of the letter because they always shared smiles and blushes, she was just waiting for this letter, with it’s contents.

Dear Mother Nature,

Open your eyes, so I may see the stars

Smile, so I may witness the brightness of the sun

Face me, so I may see the beauty of flowers

Flip your hair, so I may see the flowing river

Hold my hands, so I may feel the softness of the summer grass.

He’d name her his earth and all that’s within it. He’d say she was mother nature.

She’d read it and be flustered because it was better than she had hoped and imagined.

Would you do me the honor of making the day longer than the night so I may take a walk in it while looking up at you?

She’d take out another piece of paper and pen, scribble “yes” and slip it under his locker. He’d get to his locker and find her answer, he’d shout “yes” like a maniac in the middle of the hallway.

It’s a hot day because I’m hot anxious about our date


After school he’d take her out on a date, he’d open the door, she’d walk in first and then he’d follow.

He’d compliment her beauty, he’d compliment her character.

He’d hold her hand during the walk and at the end of the day he’d walk her up to her house.

She’d give him a kiss on the cheek even though she wanted to kiss him, she’d play hard to get just because she could.

It’s a full moon tonight because my heart is swollen with joy and excitement.


In the morning pen and paper in hand, he’d write

It’s cloudy because my mind is disarrayed with thoughts of you


He’d ask her out again, she’d say yes. After their second date he’d kiss her cheek goodnight.

It’s a half moon because I’m smiling at the thought of you


When they have their first kiss.

It’s a cold day because I’m trying to freeze time, sorry.


When they have their first fight.

It’s raining because we fought

It thundered at the thought of loosing you, I’m sorry.


***I’m absolutely obsessed with hand written letters.

CHIVALRY -The ethical code of the knight prevalent in Medieval Europe, having such primary virtues as mercy towards the poor and oppressed, humility, honour, sacrifice, fear of God, faithfulness, courage and utmost graciousness and courtesy to ladies.

They say “Chivalry is dead” but I want a chivalrous man

Wanting a good guy and wanting respect is now old fashioned.


This is the 2nd reason for the “Why am I still single?” series. For the 1st, pls check out my previous post here https://wp.me/p9lZQg-6e, and for the subsequent reasons, pls follow and enable notifications. Thanks. 😘

72 thoughts on “Why am I still single? : I’m old fashioned πŸ‘΅

  1. Wishing for you a Mr. Perfect who can take extra care of you and who love you more than any one in the world.

    It is always that extra care of your🌹 that makes your 🌹 so special.

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  2. I loved your post both on a surface level and the many gems that can be mined with a bit of thought. However, in times of everyday stress, my search for humor in any situation reacts.
    As a senior citizen (old) I remember the olden days of chivalry. Much more time was devoted to the correct fashion of armor I had to choose than in the current minimalist clothing environment.
    I had to buy a special “go bag” to contain all the dropped (thrown) handkerchiefs. Think of a path strewn with roses, except it was handkerchiefs. At least some of them were properly prepared, clean, folded, and had cool lace.
    Admittedly, the closed visor led me to a few surprising choices for my chivalric favors. Think diplomatic maneuvers between nations are trick? Relationship diplomacy, trying to limit the damage of either unintentional cruel remarks or mistakenly effusive praise, will test the skills of any Prussian nobleman.

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  3. I actually resent the amount of distance that Social Media (not including WordPress.com) has created between people claiming to use the site solely to “get in touch” with old relatives.

    These words that describe the “old-fashioned” ways, I would personally describe as the right way for a couple to engage in their romance.

    There’s nothing like the connection, the close connection, from person to person. Because, without that, all you have are stolen moments, and never the good longing that is generated from love.

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    1. Yes, there are benefits to social media like bringing people from different cultural and social backgrounds together. We can even say it brings the world together. It’s the only place that can accommodate us all. Yes we have to exclude wordpress πŸ˜‚

      But by doing so, our communication and relationships become more mechanical and less personal. We text “hi” instead of saying it to faces.
      “how are you doing?” to the person you saw in the morning and ignored.

      Yes the old fashioned ways are the more personal ways. Then, there wasn’t the distraction that is social media. I love how you called them “stolen moments”

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      1. On the topic of Chivalry:

        I believe it to be an act of stifling impatience and earnestness.

        Women are very eager to get ahead, and Chivalry, in that sense, is more than about holding the door open, or pulling out a chair so a man’s date can sit down.

        Within society, a fast-paced environment will create disaster, because everything that will be developed, including children, will never be developed with the patience that time allows.

        That is to say that when men have more of a control over the speed in which it takes for things to “catch up” or merely develop, more details are observed, and women have many details to observe, of them. Especially of their beauty, everything poetic, which relates to Chivalry, is observed, in slowness, and each of these details are admired.

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  4. It’s us again. You should look up Norman Rockwell’s Sat. Evening Post Covers. Everything you wrote reminded us of one of his covers. Good post! (P.S. I still open the car doors for my wife, NOT because she can’t, but because I RESPECT and LOVE her. She does things for me along similar lines. We call them ‘little I love you’s’. Here’s the kicker: We’re both grew up in the ’60’s and believe in “equal everything”. That’s what ‘love’ is all about! Food for thought.

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    1. Hey you!

      Yes! Absolutely the “little I love you’s” is what love should be about. (PS I’m stealing that)

      Ah, the ’60’s…mankind has fallen short.

      And I would definitely look it up.

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      1. Feel free anytime; we’re glad to share. Yes, indeed, America and the world have fallen severely short on all the idealism we marched and sat and wrote about back then. It’s up to you guys now. We hope you’re more successful.

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  5. As a believer in hand-written letters, I despise this era of memes, texts, WhatsApp messages and the like.

    I detest saggy mens’ wear and once gave a guy a wedgie (after 4 months of warning) in an iStore.

    I look down on ladies berating me for offering them a seat. In public.

    My darlingmost wificle allows me to open doors, do household chores and makes me feel like Don Juan.

    See, we both have time-proven values. It comes from a mother’s knee. If moms are moms again, we will see more ink-eloquent lovesick poets and scribes.

    I so enjoyed your post!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoyed it.

      Ah! Yes, Social media networks have really sapped the out romance out of love.

      Love your play on words.

      Keeping my fingers crossed on the upcoming mothers.


  6. Guys like that still exist. Nowadays the letter might be in text or email form but it still may happen. I write my Queen letters and then mail them. I also send her texts & emails. Further, I try and show her respect on a daily basis.

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