My Love History

For every age there’s a kind of love, here’s the history of my love. We often forget that friendship, motherhood, sisterhood is also love.

The love of my birth :
It was full of kisses and caresses
A single memory I do not have
But my memory comes from the love in your eyes
The lines on your palms
The stretch marks on your belly
The sag of your breasts
These makes me remember
I was once incapable of caring for myself
And you did ungrudgingly.
-You called me daughter,
-You call me “my baby”

The protective love :
You styled my hair
And dressed me up with smiles
Yet you always had a scowl on your face when we’re out
Your iron grip on my hands
Making sure I don’t run off somewhere beyond your eyes
You always said to be careful of boys
I took your advice to heart…till I forgot
-You called me sister
-You call me Popils

The love of my innocence :
So subtle it was
Playing games; hide and seek
I wonder why we always hid in the same place
The big brown cupboard
Just like your eyes
Those days where truly simple
You only had eyes for me and I you
You only aimed at my joy
My smile was the definition of your fulfillment
And my laugh, rare as it was, brought you completely down at my feet
Not begging for mercy, for I was the one at your mercy
You’d chase me around,
You’d catch me
-I never was one for running –
And tickle me
Touching me without permission
But I guess permission wasn’t designed for child lovers of that age
Riding into the sunset arm in arm
Bringing me to tears with laughter
-I had gotten better suited to it –
You called me beautiful friend,
kissed my hands and blushed like it never happened.

My spell like love:
My definition of perfection
An image carved by the heavenly
Eyes like turtle doves
Dark brown officially became my favorite color
I used to watch your hands all through classes
I loved and watched every movement they made
I could barely concentrate
-I had to transfer out –
Your smile had me in a haze that lasted for days
Your very essence was driving me insane
Three years I felt such
My greatest crush
The strongest I’ve ever felt, yet the weakest I’ve ever been
My greatest desire
I had officially been casted under a spell –
You called me nothing, because you didn’t know
But one day you saw me and you called me delicate.

My truest love :
You fell first
While I was still spelled, unknowingly I had casted one on you
I look back to this love and I know no one has ever had such true feelings for me
Feelings not founded on looks or lust
I always say you fell for my heart first
A joke was all I made and it turned into a poem you could never forget
Till this day though we’ve grown apart
Though we’ve changed
We remember how we once felt
And we remember the day it all came to an end
Here’s something I never said
“I’m sorry, I was scared, I’m a coward.
You of all people didn’t deserve that
And we certainly didn’t deserve that ending
I’m selfishly happy you still remember what we once shared”
That was purest I’ve ever been or felt
The realest thing I’ve ever felt
The most love or importance I’ve ever given or been given.
-You called me cute like a teddy bear you want to have forever.

My tornado love :
The most desired I’ve ever felt
The closest I’ve ever been to being loved
The only time I’ve ever let it in
This love was founded on attraction
You were intensely attracted to me
you wanted and desired me
You always made me feel special
Your sweet tongue is something I won’t forget
You always had new ways of saying you wanted me
An ode to my red lips
A poem for the curve of my hips
A lullaby for the softness of my skin
A song for the way I walk
Beats for the rolling of my ass
-I won’t go into further details but this guy was a poet and every part of me he gave more than a stanza. –
-You called me sexy and bit your lips.

For every love you’ve had or would have there’s always a great poem attached to it
Either from the lessons you learned
or the mistakes you made
It prepares you for the next and the one after that and on and on it goes
Most times we just keep looking at the sad, bad endings
Forgetting it led us to who we are now

They say love is so uncertain
Forever changing
Hard feelings dissolve into mere memories
Isn’t that the beauty though?
That however you feel or felt you’ll feel again
Yes it’ll also fade
But all things eventually fade
Humans fade to dust
But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live our lives to the fullest
It actually means we should
We only have one life
It’s actually our duty to live it to the fullest.


“We only have one life it’s actually our duty to live it to the fullest.” this is a movie quote, guess what movie its from and win a shout out on my next post.


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With love, Popils. 😘 ❀

60 thoughts on “My Love History

  1. You’ve shown us the different types of love in your life beautifully. “Your smile had me in a haze that lasted for days” brought back memories of my first serious boyfriend. Those early days of being “in love” can be overwhelming, especially when it’s all new.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Rightly said that every person who has or had an attachment with you leaves you a poem or a story. Sad or happy, people add value to your life. I guess we always gain, never loose. πŸ™‚
    Fading and gaining, two simultaneous processes which are a part of lifes journey. Lovely post. Loved it❀

    Liked by 3 people

  3. The poems are lovely dear! One can almost feel your entire romantic journey through your beautiful words and can also relate to these in some way or the other. Great work!
    The dialogue is from ‘Me before you’. It is also a beautiful movie, teaches you a thing or two about life.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Okay, you’re officially my favorite person!!!
      Yes it is from “Me before You”
      I really loved that movie, cried so much 😒😭

      Thank you! I’m happy you could relate to it.
      I think everyone should be able to relate with at least one part.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As you are mineπŸ˜‰..The movie is amazing.
        And I am sure people will relate more than that because more or less everyone who has ever felt love will surely check off minimum one experience from those mentioned. Love surpasses boundaries of any kind.
        And BTW you made my day; it’s not everyday that I get to be someone’s favorite!..πŸ˜‹

        Liked by 3 people

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