Y. O. U

He loved her like she’s never been loved

Pass the morning Sun and Midnight stars

He thirsted for her lips like air necessary for breathing

He craved her attention like blood flowing through the veins

He desired her body like eyes needed for sight

And yet,

He never beheld the sun nor the stars

He never drank

He never breathed

He never had blood flowing through his veins

He never saw, for he has no eyes

She just thought he did.


Today is our 2 year anniversary! And we’ve officially made 20 posts on myvvoice!

Thank you to everyone who’s been here form the start, thank you to everyone who’s just joining us! Love you all!

Popils. 😘


33 thoughts on “Y. O. U

  1. You know beauty needs appreciation and only a true lover has the ability to see and appreciate beauty; that makes his beloved Cognizant of this fact and makes her look more and more beautiful.
    But if there left no such lover beauty start neglecting herself and doesn’t care much about her.

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  2. It seems that he longed more for her body, and than soul. She knowingly wants to remain under the illusion that he has all emotions discussed above.
    It’s poetry and every one can derive his own meanings from the verses of poet.πŸ˜†β€οΈ

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    1. Absolutely, that’s what I love the most about poetry, the ability to give different interpretations to different individuals. I absolutely love yours!
      Thanks for sharing it! ❀


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