Why Am I Still Single? : Too Possessive

In the previous reasons, I’ve spoken about why I’m single in a positive light. It’s been everyone’s fault or every thing and every factor. But it’s about to get dark.

You’re about to witness or read the problem with me.

I’m am possessive. What’s mine is mine. I’m not a fan of sharing, never was and never will be.

With such level of possessiveness, it’s better for me to still be single.

I’m never gonna be the girl who asks “where you’ve been? or where you’re going to?” I’m never gonna check your phone, read your messages, hack your passwords or whatever.

I enjoy my peace of mind and I certainly do not intend to ever give it up. Probably I am this way because of deep rooted trust issues, but whatever it is, I don’t want someone to drive me crazy.

I wanna experience love, have an epic love story but… I want my sanity and I’m fully aware of the insanity of love.

Feeling like this, I’m very watchful of the kind of people I let into my life.

So I probably won’t love anyone more than myself, and don’t want to be with someone who I love to the extent of wanting to have them forever. And because I don’t know how to let go quickly or completely, I’m very careful of the relationships or bonds I form.

There are some people that you just can’t fight though, your heart forms it’s own bond, and no matter what you say to it, it won’t budge. I’ve met someone like that before. I had a huge crush. For three years.

Dear reader, you should know this about me, I’m very disciplined. I know my triggers or weaknesses I won’t willingly enter a trap set out for me. (sometimes I describe love as a trap especially when it’s total lust)

So for those three years, I avoided the one person who could break my resolve during the day, and would let my heart feel however it wanted at night. I told you I don’t let go easily.

Know thyself.

And just so you know I’m also possessive of my wordpress Fam, so don’t think about leaving me πŸ˜‚


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Also there’s not so good news, I won’t be posting for a while 😒 but I’ll be posting on instagram, so it’s not all bad.


This is the 5th reason why I’m still single, for the 1st four visit here!

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With Love, Popils. 😘


31 thoughts on “Why Am I Still Single? : Too Possessive

  1. Hi Popils, thanks for liking my blog! I wish you all the best on Instagram but hope you come back here to write more for the “old-fashioned” crowd.

    There’s a line coming up in a couple weeks from the ongoing story at my site:

    “Elan was more educated in matters of morality than of the heart: he still considered feelings of jealousy a sin.”

    I hope you find that relevant! Like you, I always used to be afraid I would be too possessive. But love conquers all!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was something! But its really an amazing quality to know your flaws and except them instead of believing that you are perfect. And with all that being said, I think that one day love will find you (you won’t be able to hide) and you with all your imperfections will dance in its glory (yeah, I am this romantic πŸ˜‰ ).
    PS: I am not there on Instagram, I will miss you here 😒😒

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You just took your being a romantic to another level πŸ˜‚
      Thank you so much!
      PS I pictured your metaphors as I read this. Literally hiding and dancingπŸ˜‚

      😭😭 I’m gonna miss you tons!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’d say in faith there’s many more possibilities and when there’s no expectations there’s many more rewards. As always I wish you the best and hope your growth is more an experience than a lesson I’m not on Instagram, so I’ll miss you.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Not very easy to write a self-confessing, self-analysis.. much credit is due you.
    If I may be a bit β€˜forward’: I might suggest.. trust and faith are often confused for each other.
    I wish you well… Blessings..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! Hey gotta he honest with myself and my readers.
      Yes they are often confused but I believe the difference is faith needs no evidence or facts or reason but trust needs reason.
      That’s why I believe it is said that trust is earned.

      Liked by 1 person

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