Hello to all!

Hello to my dear readers, I apologize for the long break I took, I definitely didn’t plan for it to be that long, but I needed to focus solely on the new chapter of my life.

Never did I forget about my Listeners (trying to come up with a cool nickname, so Listeners cause you’re listening to my v voice…metaphorically listening… note to self: work on that), now I don’t have a scheduled date or time yet but I’m gonna come up with something great where everyone wins!

For now the 6th reason to the “Why Am I Still Single?” Series would be posted Tomorrow! And my subsequent posts would be the other reasons which ends at reason 10! (This series has been long overdue for completion) and I can’t wait to hear your opinions. As I mentioned in my last post (several eons ago) the subsequent reasons are less rosy than the first 4.

Here are the links to the first 5:

-Too much of a romantic

-Too old fashioned

-Not ready to settle for less

-To aware of my self worth

-Too possessive

If you haven’t enabled notifications, what are you waiting for?! Do it now and be alerted of new posts immediately!

I trust everyone has been staying strong and safe all through this global pandemic.

With Love,

Popils 😘


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