“Can these dry bones live again?”

Where has Popils been?!

Where have I been? That’s a good question, I went from posting twice a week to being dead silent for three years. I wrote a lot during the first year on Instagram myv_voice, the second and third, not so much.

Did I loose motivation?

Of course not. I had a lot of demons when I started this blog, but now? I’m completely free! And I’m happy.

I’m not the same writer I was three years ago. And I think that’s great, we’re supposed to advance in life and in personalities even.

What have I been up to?

I did a crazy reinvention of myself in the year 2020 amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Popils was busy reinventing herself. And boy did I have a lot of time to do just that and more.

What reinvention? -you say

To begin with, I embarked on #PopilsFitness&Diet – no, I didn’t call it that. My diet started with #IntermittentFasting and then I progressed into portion control and counting my Macros -yes, I now speak Nutrition.

For exercises, I did mostly HIIT’s following popular fitness YouTubers; Chloe ting, Emi Wong, Gabriella Whitehead, Lilly Sabri -were my favorites.

If you wanna hear more on this leave a comment and I just might divulge all my secrets, down to the particular workouts I followed

Furthermore, I reinvented myself spiritually, getting more intimate in my relationship with God -This is my greatest achievement so far.

I started with daily devotion on YouVersion Bible App, honestly building this habit of reading my Bible daily has changed my being. Hint: this is where my personality growth cane from and still comes from as I keep growing.

Want more details on my spiritual journey, Plan suggestions, or wanna join my community of Bible study friends? Then please leave a comment below and I’ll definitely be happy to share more on this.

What’s Myvvoice 2.0? (Just came up with that)

It’s a blog remodeling. I’m gonna be writing about the revelations or interpretations of scripture, based on the Bible plans I do, or Bible texts I read during my Bible study. Myvvoice is going full on gospel! Who’s excited? ME!

Several topics would be discussed with a Christian perspective on dating, courting, relationships, school, career etc. Bible Characters too would be studied and discussed —David and Solomon are my all time favs, I’d love these discussions to be as interactive as possible, though I’m doing the writing, comments are always open and you can also contact me.

What about the non-Christian audience?

I absolutely love every single one who has read, liked, commented on Myvvoice and I DO NOT INTEND TO LOSE ANYONE. So with that passive aggressive statement being said, I would also be writing about other things too, so don’t you dare leave me now 🥲 And who knows maybe the Christian posts might just be the missing piece of information that you need? Stay with me.

Over the years I’ve gotten several emails and I’d feel super guilty if I never completed “Why Am I Still Single?” series! If you’re new here it’s a 10 part series and 8 parts have already been posted, so please read and enjoy. This is the most popular, and relatable article I’ve ever written here and it deserves to be completed. So at least stay for this.

What’s the new posting schedule?

This is 2023, and it’s too early to start lying 🙃 So I’m not gonna promise a schedule because school, and life might happen. I can promise that I am ready to be dedicated to this, this year.

Fun Notice!! Anyone who can guess what book I quoted for this article gets a shout out on my next post!

Happy New Year to everyone, super stocked to be back! 🤗


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